You Can - By Emily Smith

Hello, I'm Emily and I am a 14 year old Equestrian from Essex, I currently loan a 14.3h cob called Bruno and I share my journey of an aspiring eventer on instagram @alwaysponies.

You Can!

Today I am writing all about the fact that wherever and whatever your background is you can still get to where you want to be! There ARE always ways to get there, I promise. This is so important especially at the moment with covid it seems never ending but it will!

Wherever you want to be is possible, but it might not end out how you first imagined because there are so many options that you can take. The tunnel might not be clear now but there is always a light no matter where it comes from.

There are always going to be obstacles in the tunnel like money, family or location but you will overcome them, you just might not be able to solve them now. 

In my story, it was horses. My dream was to be able to own a horse, this was not possible due to financial reasons but at the time my 7 year old self didn't understand so I would research, make powerpoints and help at my yard at any opportunity hoping that it would change and somehow I would be able to get my own horse.

 10 years later I might not have achieved that goal but I have in a way, I now loan my absolute heart horse and get to treat him like he's my own, this is my 7 year old self's absolute dream. Its not the goal or dream that my 7 year old self set,  but it's equal to it. I am still able to do everything I could with my own horse but in my parents' budget which is a win win.

Whether your goal is with horses or not it's still the same, you CAN get there but it might not be how you thought!

Overall I hope my story teaches you that you can get to where you want to be just in different ways, the tunnel might not be clear now but at the end there's always a light and it might not be what you expect but everything happens for a reason!

Thank you for reading and I hope you take away something from this blog! 

You can find me on instagram @alwaysponies and please message me if you have any thoughts about this blog as i would love to hear your stories! 

 Thank you for reading, Emily xox